July Favorites!

Hello all, I’ve been off my crafting game lately 😦 However, I have been doing lots of other things and using different products so here are my July Favorites! Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Shimmer Effect Lotion I love this stuff, and I love how I feel and look so shimmery in the sun. Plus it … More July Favorites!

Insecure in a group of beautiful insecure people

I have three best friends. Each is unique, and beautiful, and different in their own way. We’re all different shapes and sizes, and all look differently. One thing that we all have in common is body insecurities. Of course that is not what our friendship revolves around but it is definitely something that’s always lingering … More Insecure in a group of beautiful insecure people


So I’m on etsy and I’ve yet to have any sales 😕. However I’m staying positive and hoping once I have my first sale it will all be worth it!!!! What I’m looking for now is advice on the ins and outs of etsy!! Please leave a comment to let me know your experience and … More Etsy

Plain Jane #OOTD

My absolute favorite go to out fit: high rise jean shorts and a white tee shirt. I am not kidding you when I say I wear a variation of this outfit almost every day. It’s cute and comfy so I just can’t see how you could go wrong! Today I’m wearing jean shorts from Old … More Plain Jane #OOTD

Exciting things

hello all, I’ve been MIA for a while here but that’s because I’ve been working on some exciting things!! I also had a weekend get away with my bffs. Yippie for two awesome things happening!  So if you recall my last post was about hand lettering and how I wanted to make it a hobby. … More Exciting things

Hand Lettering

Hand lettering is something I’ve been working towards for about 9 months now. At first I didn’t understand it, however, I was fascinated by it, and knew it was something I would be taking up as a hobby. Despite this fascination, I haven’t actually committed to practicing it. Here and there I’ll pick up a … More Hand Lettering