New Year, New Room

So recently I have been overwhelmingly busy with vacation, packing, moving, and unpacking… not to mention the fact school starts in less than a week. I’ve just moved into my very first apartment with 4 other friends and we love it! Within this post are some pictures of my room, and some of my favorite bargain or DIY pieces. Enjoy!


An overview of most of the room. The bed frame was a brown wood with a nice finish. I’ve had it since I was really young so I decided a matte white would be a nice fresh change!

Pillows are from TJ Maxx and the bedding from Bed Bath and Beyond!


Just a photo of the bed, and you can see the book shelf peeking out. Again, I painted the bookshelf as it was previously yellow. My favorite thing in this picture is the frame on the bookshelf. It says “And though she be but little, she is fierce” it’s pink with metallic gold lettering.


Again, the desk, which was $4.70 at a local Goodwill! Steal! Originally it was brown wood and pretty nasty looking but the paint really transformed it. It was an old sewing machine desk but works perfectly for me! I never actually sit at my desk anyways. Both canvases are hand painted by myself and the lights are from target.


Finally, the reason I picked this room: THE CLOSET

My old closet was litterally 1/4 of this size so this is pretty exciting. I shoved storage bins and my dresser in there to make room so I can’t actually hang a lot of clothes, but for now I’m happy with it! The dresser originally matched my bed frame so it also got a white make over. The storage bins are really exciting in my opinion because they were originally those cheap clear bins. I used spray paint and painted them white, and then spray painted the front with black chalk board paint. It’s hard to see, but they are labeled with what’s in them! I love it!

I have a lot of DIYs and hacks in my new room that I would have loved to document better but I was just too busy getting everything done in time. I tried to point out some of my favorites or anything that I DIY’d but if there are any questions leave a comment! No questions? Leave a comment anyway!


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