Insecure in a group of beautiful insecure people

I have three best friends. Each is unique, and beautiful, and different in their own way. We’re all different shapes and sizes, and all look differently. One thing that we all have in common is body insecurities. Of course that is not what our friendship revolves around but it is definitely something that’s always lingering whenever we are together. Things like, “oh I don’t want to sit in that beach chair because my rolls will show.” or “no, don’t take that picture at that angle.” and even “I can’t eat that ice cream, but go ahead if you want to.” Always put me in an awkward spot.

I’m not the biggest of the group, and I’m not the smallest. I don’t have a flat tummy, and I have stretch marks; but I’m healthy. I’m fit. I’m happy. Of course there are things I can and need to improve about my body, but it’s a process. I am aware of my flaws and accept them, so when I’m at the beach in my bikini just let me enjoy it damn it!! I feel like there is this notion that if a girl is not feeling insecure ALL THE TIME, especially in a BIKINI she’s a bitch, she’s full of herself, she needs to have a reality check. Why? Why do we always have to be pointing out our flaws and each others?

All of my friends are beautiful and I’d never body shame them, and I know they’d never do that to me. But why do we have to body shame ourselves? Because of the summer weather this issue is more noticeable than ever. My friends and I work out, we try to eat healthy, and we have fun. However questions that are asked range from “Have you ever had a lettuce wrap?” to “Wow she has the perfect thigh gap.” How do you respond to these? How do you get your friends to stop being so self conscious? In return their insecurities make me feel insecure and it’s just a whole lot of awkward.

I guess this was a rant/ call to action??? Stop this annoying bikini body thing. Don’t make girls feel like they have to be self conscious. Think twice before judging someone on their body. Think twice before judging your own body. Think of how others feel when you’re a petite 90lbs and you need to work out more, and eat less because you don’t have a thigh gap and flat tummy. Goals are great, but be happy and confident along the way too! Be happy with yourself, improve yourself, be the best for yourself, but never ever ever tear yourself down.

This is unlike all of my other posts, but it’s something to be said. I’ll be back to making adorable doodles soon enough!


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