Finally my baby shower cupcakes post! I made a vanilla honey cupcake and a chocolate cupcake with chocolate moose. They were a hit! Here’s how I made them:

Honey Vanilla

I used a recipe I found on pinterest from this blog:

They were pretty tasty, and the recipe was easy to follow. My only complaints are that they didn’t really raise as high as I would have liked. They were more dense, but still tasted really good! For decoration I used little hand made Winnie the Pooh picks I found on Etsy.


I used a simple, classic chocolate cake recipe for these and they turned out great. Moist, and fluffy. For the moose I used heavy whipping cream and a box of instant pudding mix. This was easy and tasted great. For decoration I used edible bumble bees by Wilton.


I used this frosting recipe:

I did a vanilla cream cheese for both flavors of cupcakes. It was okay. I probably won’t use it again. It just wasn’t stiff enough for me to pipe nice and high how I like to. Regardless, it did taste great!

This was just a quick overview of the cupcakes so if there are any questions I’d love to answer them! Now go create some yummy doodles of your own!



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