Sewing Tips and Tricks

After successfully making the minky baby blanket, I have been eagerly looking to sew more and improve my sewing. My circle skirt is still a WIP so hopefully I can figure that out soon but here are some beginner tips I’ve quickly learned through research and experience!

  1. Don’t watch the needle! I was watching the needle for sure when doing the blanket. My stitches were Sooo crooked. After trying to figure out a way to straighten things out, I’ve found it better to make sure the fabric stays even on the edge of the pressed foot rather than actually watching your stitches.
  2. Paper dulls scissors. This is actually something I’ve known for a while but it relates and is actually a money saver! It’s unnecessary to buy expensive fabric scissors if you’re just sewing for fun. Simply buy a new pair of scissors and ONLY use them on fabric. DO NOT cut paper with them. They will continue to make clean cuts and do the job! 
  3. Control the foot pedal. I know a lot of newer sewing machines don’t even have foot pedals anymore which is pretty cool if you ask me. However, mine does. I try and try not to take off like crazy going 100 mph and I’m getting better, but sometimes it’s hard to control. I would suggest sewing without a shoe. I typically don’t wear shoes around the house or when I’m sewing but I once wore a flip flop and found it harder to control the speed. Another option if you get really crazy is to put something under the pedal so you can’t slam it all the way down! 
  4. Lastly, sometimes perfect stitches don’t matter. Yeah if you’re doing a decorative too stitch you’d want those to look nice, but if you’re stitching right sides together just take your chances. Of course I’m working on perfecting my sewing but I was about ready to pull all my stitches out of that blanket before I even turned it right side out to see that it was perfectly fine! 

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