The First Doodle

Hi All,

I previously posted about dedicating this blog to crafts, and I’ve finally completed my first craft for this blog! Of course, there have been VARIOUS other DIYs and random crafts I’ve done throughout the years but this is the first one I’ve done with blogging about it in mind.

I wanted to actually update some previously painted canvases to create some fresh wall art for my new room in my apartment this fall. Unfortunately I do not have a before picture of this particular canvas but once the set is done, I’ll post before pictures of the other two! Here’s the finished product of the first canvas in a set of 3.


I started with the old canvas and painted it a light pink with acrylic paint, then I created a pineapple stencil in adobe illustrator.

After printing it on normal computer paper, I transferred it to a piece of bristol board. This was the most tedious part, because then I used an exacto to cut on the lines to make a stencil. After that, I just taped the stencil to the canvas and used a metallic gold spray paint to create the pineapple! It was that easy! This project took me a couple of week because I didn’t take a day to sit down and do it, but all in all, this should probably take about an hour, and that’s only because of drying time for the acrylic paint!

This was fun, easy, and cheap! I hope it inspires others to create some doodles of their own!


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